lunes, 20 de enero de 2014


This weekend was the weekend when we play the drums in San Sebastián, when the children participate in the big parade, of course playing the drums.

But I didn´t play the drums this time, we decided to go to Barcelona and visit my aunt and my cousins. God, I was really looking forward to it!!.

And we just wanted to talk and talk and talk and well, eat and eat and eat, and practically that´s what we´ve done during the whole weekend. One of my cousins, runs an old´s people residence in a paradise spot. The name is "The sea´s garden" and I´m going to put some pictures.

At this moment, the residence is full and the place is quiet and awesome.
My cousin´s studio was obviously closed that day. 

The back yard with a pool, for the ones who can swim.

My cousin loves her job in here.

Ah, and look at the view just opposite the building, awesome.

A clean beach, almost wild and looking at the Mediterranean everyday from your work.

I loved the visit.

We had the chance to take a walk tour around the city on Sunday morning. The weather was unpredictable but we were lucky it didn´t rain at all. We started in Plaza de Cataluña, towards the Ramblas, and to the Gotic neighbourhood and into the Cathedral, everything in just one morning.

I´d say Barcelona is quite European city, very cosmopolitan.

Barcelona Cathedral is the city´s gothic Cathedral.

Last time I came to Barcelona, the Cathedral´s front was being restored.

Batlló´s house is a renowned building located in the heart of Barcelona, and is one of Gaudi´s masterpieces.

La Pedrera is an historic building also designed by Gaudí. Was declared a world heritage site.

We ended that morning with a huge lunch in a Peruvian restaurante in Calle Córcega, we ate a selection of ceviches and fried yuca, more information in here

The best dessert was at my aunt´s, one of the most delicious strawberry and cream cakes, my aunt made, I´ve ever tried. Apparently we needed to "fill" our empty spaces inside the stomach. This was mouthwatering!. In our family, my mom and my aunts taught us how to cook.

I can still hear the drums playing in the distance while I´m writing this post.


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