martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


I was reading last year´s post in some free time I had between our comings and goings, the shopping, the lists....If you don´t know by now, I´m a list person, I don´t like to forget anything so I wrote a list with my resolutions for 2013. It´s now when I´ve realised I have just accomplished three of them.....I don´t know why did I write the rest.

This new year, I´ve decided to call things with their proper name, so diet will be "diet", not "healthy eating or alternative food".

I must focus on my pictures. I need to improve my pictures!!, this is a must!.

And I haven´t got rid of my sentimental stuff, I still keep my things in safety places.

And I still need to go to bed early.

Well, at least I´ve read the books I wanted to read.

And I´ve learnt to say NO (in some occasions).

And it´s been three years without smoking already!!.

And you know what, I´m not going to quit cooking.

And this is why I´m here today, before the hazzle of New Year´s Eve dinner begins, to wish you the best for 2014.


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